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Corporate Helicopter Hire

In business you know that time is money and time spent in traffic is wasted time, whichever way you look at it. So to make the most of every hour in your workday, and even make the time you spend working out of hours time well spent, you need a faster, more efficient form of transport, what you need is helicopter hire.

Helicopter hire is perfect for any corporate situation and can ensure that you arrive on time, without any of the stresses involved with travelling down there on the roads with everyone else. Corporate helicopter hire is just what you need to make an airport transfer quicker and easier, and don't worry about the landing areas or clearance because we take care of everything so that you can spend as much time as possible tying up last minute loose ends before you head off to that business conference or training course.

Corporate helicopter hire is also offers you a unique way to impress a new client, or one you have been working with for years even, when you next organise a business meeting. If we find that there is no suitable landing space near your client's office when you need to pick them up for a lunch meeting, or when you send transport to bring them back to your office for a meeting, we will organise for a limousine transfer from the closest landing space or airfield.

Also, if you are picking up a new client, there is no need to worry about awkward, forced small talk during the ride as the view will be enough to fill any silence, not to mention the use of headsets for communication while in the air. Just think about it - is there any better way to impress an important corporate customer, or even to just treat a faithful regular customer, than with a helicopter ride to lunch?

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