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Helicopter Hire FAQs

I want to know about hiring a helicopter. Please tell me more ?
A helicopter can be hired just like a limousine to take you from one place to another. However it alldepends on your location and landing sites. Most country hotels and outdoor venues will be suitable.The helicopter can be used to take you to/from a hotel, a sporting event such as Royal Ascot, BritishGrand Prix or you can just have a helicopter sightseeing flight.

How much does it cost?
This really depends on where you want to fly from/to, for how long and the type of aircraft yourequire for your journey/number of passengers. Helicopter flights are charged by the hour and wewill quote you once we know the above information. Prices can start from as little as under £500 fora flight in a Robinson R44 and we can offer a �Helicopter experience' flight for £250.

I always thought helicopters and private jets were hugely expensive ?
You are right, the public's perception is that helicopters and private jets are the preserve of theextremely wealthy, pop stars and corporate bigwigs. However as weddings become ever moreextravagant, peoples' demands and expectations have grown and they want something special.

Where can I fly to?
It really depends on you and the occasion. As well as our London by Air tours, we can fly you toromantic Country Hotels, Golf Courses or even to Paris. Naturally, the most dramatic flight will belanding at or taking off from a wedding venue. Helicopters are extremely versatile and are thereforepopular for travelling to/from business meetings in UK and Ireland.

Where can you land these things?
Actually there are over 1,000 landing sites in the UK. These include airfields, flying clubs, hotels, golfcourses, private landing sites and open fields. So there's a good chance we can land near you.

Are there any restrictions?
Yes, lots. You cannot fly over London (other than over a strict air corridor). Flying over commercialairports and military installations is not permitted. But our pilots and operations teams will sort allthis out.

How many seats are there on the helicopter?
We offer flights in a range of helicopters. The smallest, Robinson R44 has four seats. The Bell 206Jetranger has five seats, our Eurocopter AS355 has 6 seats, but in each case one seat is for the pilot.We can offer flights in bigger aircraft such as the Agusta A109 and Sikorski S76 which have 6/7 seatsbut 1-2 seats are for flight crew. Some corporate clients demand two pilots for extra safety.

Are helicopters safe?
All aircraft are maintained to the highest CAA regulations and are flown by experienced pilots with1000's of flying hours.

Is it comfortable to fly in a helicopter?
Flying in a helicopter is an extremely thrilling experience, especially in a jet turbine engine aircraft.However helicopters can be noisy and there is some vibration. But you will be provided with radioheadphones so you can speak to each other, listen to the pilot and air traffic control. On short flightsyou will fly at around 1,500-2,000 ft, so you are below cloud level and will have excellent visibility.

What other flights do you offer?
We provide private flights in a LearJet 45 and Learjet 60 aircraft. These are 8/9 seat business jetswith fast take-off and cruise at over 500 miles per hour. You can reach most of Europe in the Learjetwithout refuelling. As you literally drive straight to your aircraft 10 minutes before take off, you canreach most European destinations in the time it would take to check-in to a scheduled flight.

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