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Helicopter Hire for Indian Asian Weddings

If you are planning an Indian or Asian wedding, you probably have a lot of traditions and customs to follow in the lead up to the big day, and on the day itself. Therefore, whether you want to splash out from tradition and add a unique sense of fun to your wedding day or whether you simply want to add a little bit of something from UK culture to your wedding day, why not consider helicopter hire as part of your Indian or Asian wedding day?

Having a helicopter ride as part of your Indian or Asian wedding day will ensure unique wedding photos, a unique arrival and a wedding which everyone will be talking about for years to come. How often do you see the bride arrive from above at an Indian or Asian wedding? And can you imagine the surprise and delight your guests will feel when they are waiting at the church, expecting a wedding limousine, when they are greeted from above by a wedding helicopter.

You also don't have to worry about the silk of your Indian or Asian style wedding gown being damaged by the interior of the helicopter, or from getting in and out of your unique wedding transport. We have extensive experience in hiring helicopters for Indian and Asian weddings and will make sure that the interior is comfortable, clean and free from anything which may catch or tear your gown. Your helicopter pilot will also be on hand to set up any stairs which you may need to help you get in and out of the helicopter more easily.

Helicopter wedding transport is also the perfect option for a large wedding as it gives you the chance to escape completely from your massive guest list and spend time with just your new spouse, high above the ground, gaining a new perspective as you start a new life together.

So for more information about hiring a helicopter as part of your Indian or Asian wedding day, contact Helicopter Hire UK now.

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