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School Prom Helicopter Hire - Prom Transport UK

Your school prom is your last chance to make an impression on your classmates and one of your last chances to enjoy that magical feeling of being on top of the world with the rest of your life in front of you and endless possibilities open to you.

So what better way to capture that feeling of being on top of the world, and go out on a high, than to arrive at your school prom in a helicopter? You can hire a helicopter for almost any reason you can imagine and many people choose to use a helicopter as their wedding transport, or to get a bird's eye view of their home town by hiring a helicopter for a sightseeing tour.

However, you have the opportunity to enjoy your first helicopter ride before you even learn to drive by hiring a helicopter to get you to your prom. Plus, while all of your friends are busy organising prom limousines, no one will think to hire a helicopter to get them to prom, so you will have the pick of our choppers and you will still have the most unique ride on the night.

You also don't have to worry about any landing or noise restrictions as we will fully research your prom venue to find somewhere appropriate to land. Plus, if your prom venue does mean we have to land your prom helicopter some distance away, we will also organise for an equally unique limousine to take you the last leg of your journey.

And just think of the photos you will have to remember your prom by if you hire a helicopter for the night. Not only will people have to look twice when you show them your pics, you'll also have the opportunity to take some shots of your home, your town and even your classmates, from on high.

Plus, a helicopter does not seat upwards of ten or twenty people like many party bus limousines your friends will be hiring for their prom night. Therefore, you and your date have the chance to enjoy each other's company and your special prom night flight without any interruptions.

For more information about hiring a helicopter for your prom night, contact Helicopter Hire UK now.

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