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Wedding Helicopter Hire

If you are of a certain age, all of your friends are probably either planning their wedding, or have just enjoyed their wedding day and now that it is your turn, you may be stuck for original and exciting ideas for your big day which haven't already been done to death by everyone else.

While there always seems to be a new wedding limousine out there on the road every other weekend, one wedding limousine can be much the same as another. Therefore, you need to think outside of the square for your wedding transport - go off on a tangent, look up into the sky.

Yes, for your wedding transport, you have the option of hiring a helicopter for the day. Hiring a helicopter as your wedding transport will be an unexpected surprise for many of your wedding guests on the big day and is sure to cast the wedding limousine of your friends into the back of everyone's minds, regardless of how big or colourful they were.

Hiring a helicopter as your wedding transport will also make for some of the most unique wedding photos around and you will probably get some double takes when you tell people how you are arriving at your big day. And don't worry about how or where your wedding helicopter is going to land because we will take care of all of that.

We will fully research the space and noise restrictions for your wedding venue, and then recommend a helicopter which is able to safely and easily manoeuvrer within them. Sure, hiring a helicopter on your wedding day may not be for everyone, but maybe you and your partner are the type of people who like to live outside the square, do things differently and take risks. Plus it will be a pretty cool story to tell your kids some day!

For more information about hiring a helicopter on your wedding day, contact Helicopter Hire UK now.

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