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Why Helicopter Hire

If you're here you're probably considering hiring a helicopter for a fun ride, a unique sightseeing tour or maybe even for your wedding day, but you may still not be completely convinced of the idea? Well if you're sitting there asking yourself why you should hire a helicopter, let us ask you this - why should you not?

Most people have flown in an ordinary aeroplane, but few people have ever been in a helicopter, it is just not something which comes up in everyday life very often. Well here are a few very good reasons why you should hire a helicopter and we look forward to helping you get off the ground very soon.


Helicopter hire is no longer just the domain of the rich and famous who keep their helicopters in a hangar next to their Jaguars and Lamborghinis for when they don't feel like negotiating traffic. Helicopter hire is actually very affordable now and if you are still concerned about the price, we can work with you to tailor a package which is even more appealing to your budget - maybe just one way hire, or maybe you can hire a larger helicopter and split the cost with friends or family?


A helicopter ride is more fun than any sideshow ride you will ever go on because it is real. There are no strings, no cages, just your helicopter with the big glass windows and the amazing view. Plus, just imagine how exhilarating it would be to see your home, your child's school and all of your other everyday haunts from a whole new perspective - you'll never look at your shopping mall the same way again.


So you don't like flying? Well don't worry because being in a helicopter is nowhere near as frightening as the speeding rush you feel as a jumbo takes off, nor do you have to endure that stomach churning turbulence you get with normal air travel either. A helicopter ride starts with a smooth and gentle lift off and continues with a glide over the countryside.

So now you have a lot more reasons why you should hire a helicopter for a once in a lifetime ride, can you still remember all the reasons you shouldn't hire one? Good, then contact Helicopter Hire UK now to book your ride.

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